Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Wishlist...

I love Christmas. I love Christmas Shopping and I love giving and receiving Christmas presents. No bah humbug over here! People have started to ask me what I would like for Christmas so I thought I would compile a list. Take note boyfriend, friends and family ;)

1. Swarovski Necklace. I absolutely love the jewellry from Swarovski and have a couple of lovely pieces. Unfortunately I lost (well, I didn't lose it, but it's a long story!) my staple 'wear everyday' necklace so want another piece that can go with all outfits! This necklace is so pretty and simple. £59 Swarovski

2. I always buy HUGE bags. This is a bit of an issue on the rare night out when I need a smaller bag. I love this little one - the cute bow detail and chain strap are amazing! £25 Topshop

3. Toni & Guy Curl and Wave Tong. I have a lot of hair. A LOT. Granted it's mainly extensions however my own hair is pretty thick too. Since my beloved GHD's died a death I have had to use my back up straighteners which aren't very good at curling so these look great for my type of hair. £14.30 Amazon

4. Faye Black Chiffon Strap Peeptoe Wedges. Ahhh! I just love these! I could do with them for this weekend to be honest! Perfect for any outfit! £35 BooHoo

5. ASOS Belted Dress with Star Print. I like black dresses. I like stars. I love this dress. The fit is lovely and although I don't have this girl's figure I think it would be quite forgiving. £45 ASOS

What are you asking Father Christmas for?!

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