Friday, 25 November 2011

VIVO Lipstick Review & Cute baby bunny...

As soon as I saw Tesco had a new make up range my ears pricked up. Tesco = Cheap so does that mean Tesco + Make Up = Cheap?! YES IT DOES. Unfortunately for me, my Tesco seemed to be awful at restocking VIVO so the lovely Kerry from VIVO sent me a couple of items to try.

The first item to catch my eye was the lipstick. I am looking for the perfect everyday lipstick so I was hopefully that this one would be a winner. The shade is number 5. The colour is very pigmented and glides on easily. I was quite surprised at how long it lasted too! I would say that perhaps shade number 5 is a little too bright for daytime wear (on me, anyway) however this has prompted me to get some more VIVO lipsticks in other shades should my Tesco get better at stocking them!

You can buy VIVO at Tesco. The lipstick retails at just £1.99 so it's easy on your purse in the run up to Christmas :)

I thought I would also include a little picture of my little bunny, Mark Hoppus. He is a house bunny and likes to hop around while I try and take my pictures!

Have you tried any of the VIVO range yet? What did you think?


  1. is there a vivo website? how did you get in contact with the vivo people? :)XX


  2. Hi Ellie,

    I got in contact via Twitter :)

    Shelley xx

  3. The colour looks lovely! But I've got to admit I am more in love with Mark Hoppus - how adorable!!!

  4. Mark Hoppus is the most adorable bunnie everrrrrr. His panda eye us so cute.

    I like the lipstick packaging!


  5. nice lipstick, and wow, thats one CUTE rabbit! :)xx

  6. I like the colour of the lipstick. Also your bunny is sooo adorable :) x

  7. The lipstick looks gorge, that colour <3 I love red but I find I can only wear it with a full face of make up. Sometimes a bummer. And your rabbit is so cutee >.< xxx

  8. Thank you for your comments guys! Mark Hoppus says thanks :P xxx