Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....


So the time finally came at the weekend where I was finally allowed to purchase and put up our Christmas Tree! I am VERY organised in my tree purchasing and VERY particular about tree decorating, and even present wrapping. I do have a life honest! Excuse my photos - my beautiful bestie is borrowing my camera so I am using my phone!

The Tree

So this is my little tree. It's actually a 6ft one and cost £25 from Tesco and was pre-lit (a godsend as I cannot stand putting on the lights - it takes too long to get it right!). I got all the decs from Tesco too as they were half price - I think I paid about £2.50 for all the baubles! I went for traditional red and gold. You might notice that I haven't got any tinsel. I hate tinsel. Please don't judge me.

The Present-Wrapping

I love wrapping up presents! I like making them look all pretty. I choose a wrapping paper theme each year and stick to it (I'm not doing myself any favours here am I?!). This year I went for gold and pink for the ladies and gold and blue for the men. Little girls get Peppa Pig and little boys get Cars. Every present has to be wrapped in ribbon, tied into a bow and they all have the same glittery gold bauble tag.

Please can someone tell me that I'm not the only one who is very particular about Christmas decorations and wrapping paper?!



  1. You're not alone! The past two years I needed to be organised with wrapping and it all needs to match. Last year my boyfriend and I did gold and silver and we got ribbon, labels and even Christmas cards to match. This year we've gone for just red which is a little more simple but the Christmas cards still needed to match! :)


  2. I have got to admit I am more of a mix and match christmaser :-P

    But your tree and present wrapping looks lovely :-D so do not fret!!!!