Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Hi Girls!

I am going to start off by saying, I am HORRIBLE to my hair. I put it through dying, bleaching, hair extensions, straigtening... you name it, I do it. I get really bored easily and I have very thick, coarse hair meaning when I put chemicals or heat on it, it gets very dry and brittle. After a particularly heaving dying session of lightening my hair then putting a red on it, it has been left in a very sorry state. I've done my usual of trimming the ends and now I have to do my intensive conditioning regime to the max. After reading on various forums, someone suggested getting some leave in conditioner as well as my intensive conditioner.

Step forward the VO5 Miracle Mist. Vo5 Miracle Mist is a lightweight leave in conditioning mist which is infused with satin, silk and various natural oils for abused hair like mine. I used this on my hair today and I've already noticed a huge difference. It's still dry and damaged obviously (it's not THAT much of a miracle!) but its so much softer and easier to manage than before. The scent is quite fresh and you can also give dry hair a bit of a spritz as well to calm any frizziness!

I would definately recommend this as a leave in conditioner, and will probably repurchase as soon as this one runs out!


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