Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunshine Bargains

There is nothing I love more than getting an absolute bargain. I will often come home from a shopping trip with an outfit for under £20 and I am happy to have a good old root around in the messy sale sections to nab myself some cut-price goodies. At the moment, I am on a clothes ban. No more clothes until I reach my goal weight - eek! I sorted out my wardrobe floordrobe last week and I was genuinely astounded at the amount of clothes I have, some not even been worn! 8 bin bags later and I STILL have too many. SIGH. However, there is nothing in my rules that say I cannot buy make up or shoes. So I did both.

Boots have their usual 3 for 2 offers on at the moment, and I wanted some shimmery bronzer and some BB cream. I had heard really good things about the BB cream from other bloggers so was excited to try it - review to come! I also loved this Instant Glow Gold Bronze Shimmer Brick - the offer on meant I got this great brush absolutely free!

I also got these gorgeous shoes from the Dorothy Perkins range in my local Outfit - they were an amazing £10 and I think they will be perfect for Summer parties and a nice change from black shoes!

Are there any tips from fellow bloggers on saving your images? I have an awesome camera which gives lovely images but when I upload to Blogger they become blurry and distorted, even though I save as the size I require!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Everything is so much easier to find if you have a floordrobe ;) xxx

  2. Ohmygosh those shoes are absolutely stunning!!

    I don't have a great camera but something worth trying is uploading the picture to something like and resizing on there, saving, then uploading to an image hosting site like photobucket. Then from there get the HTML code (rather than uploading the pic to blogger) and insert into your post. Hope that helps!

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  3. Thank you! On my new post I changed the size in Photoshop then uploaded to Photobucket - seems to have fixed the issue!