Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Diet Update #1

Image from Google. It's not my stomach. I wish it was!

Those of you who have been reading my blog since I started will know that early on in the year between March-May, I went on the Cambridge Weight Plan and lost 35lbs. I was doing it for Summer and didn't get down to my goal weight before Summer due to a few weeks of low losses so I decided to stop for Summer then get back on it! Due to lots of fun, seeing friends, drinking cider, going to a festival, and then cocktails in Jamaica, I obviously put some weight back on, plus the 7lbs of water weight that goes back on!

It was fully expected, so now I'm back on the diet, not Cambridge, but one similar, Slim and Save. They are pretty much the same except Slim and Save is online and you don't get a consultant to weigh you each week. I had my first weigh in today, and pleased to say I've lost 7lbs in my first week :) Whoop! I've got a little bit to go until I am at my goal weight, but would like to hit it before Christmas ready for parties, New Years Eve and my birthday in January!

I'll be updating each week like I did before, so onwards and downwards it is!

Thanks for reading!
Shelley xo

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