Saturday, 15 October 2011

London, Cake & You Me At Six

Quick one today as I need to get ready to go to London to see You Me At Six! I thought I would post what I am wearing - not a picture of me unfortunately (hah!) because I haven't got a tripod for my camera yet!

Obviously New Look haven't got the exact jacket I bought only a week ago on their website but its very similar to this but without the fur - it was a bargain at £25!

Next up is Republic, one of my most favourite shops in the whole wide world. I got both my dress and scarf from there and lovely them both dearly. I think the dress was £19.99 and the scarf £7 - the dress is one of those staple pieces I can put on in the event of an emergency of not having anything to wear despite a wardrobe full of clothes.

I'm wearing all that with my suspender tights (oo-er!) and my knee high leather boots from New Look AGES ago.

Also, yesterday I made cake again. I don't eat all this cake, I must assure you but I do LOVE making them! They were Malteaser Cupcakes (with WHOLE malteasers in the ACTUAL cake).

It would be rude of me not to have You Me At Six as my song of the day today - so here they are with new song 'Loverboy'.


  1. hot outfit! my friend went to see them last night too! i cant see where i can follow you. x

  2. Hey lovely! Aw thank you! They were really good actually - although I was surprised at the age range haha!
    Its right at the bottom - it's a bit of a pain because it doesn't always show up :( I think you can add me manually to your blog list on blogger though!