Thursday, 20 October 2011

Soap & Glory Cosmetics - Finally!

I love Soap & Glory. Last year for Christmas I got given LOADS of Soap & Glory products - infact I am still using them now and haven't had to buy any shower gel or body butter for a year - result! My favourite bath product is the Breakfast Scrub - seriously if you have not tried this yet - GET IT IN YOUR LIFE. But don't eat it. I always get the urge to eat it.

My prayers were finally answered when Soap & Glory announced their new cosmetic range. While in Boots earlier (stocking up on Man-Flu remedies for the BF) - I just HAPPENED to come across the new stand. I knew I had around £8 on my Advantage card and I knew I had to purchase something. I've been eyeing up (LOL) a new pen eyeliner for a while now, so when I saw 'Supercat - Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen', I knew I had to have it.

Dressed in the distinctive S&G packaging, these products will stand out in any make up collection. Underneath, the pen itself is equally as classy.

The tip itself is perfect for achieving different looks - use the fine point for a day time look or use the thicker side for more dramatic night time edge. This is foolproof - believe me I am awful at putting on even Kohl eyeliner and I can manage this!

The liner itself has a glossy black finish. It retails for £6 and is available in most Boots stores or online.

Tip: This pen would also be great for Halloween face painting - it's nib makes for easy drawing of webs and spiders!


  1. I need to try some of their make-up range! This looks fab x

  2. It's all gorgeous - I did struggle slightly to choose one item haha! xx

  3. i must get down to boots!! I have been looking for a eyeliner pen forever and day..this could be my new holy grail;)


  4. i really wanna try some of these cosmetics, was gonna get the eyebrow pencil :)

    Verity x