Thursday, 13 October 2011

Why I love Jenna Marbles...

Ok so this post is going to be slightly unconventional. It's not about glittery nail varnish. It's not about a lovely new blusher. Or cake. It's about my love for Jenna Marbles. Now, myself and Katy over at Not Just a Mum frequently spend evenings watching Jenna's You Tube videos for HOURS. (Among the videos of kittens and puppies doing cute things of course)


Why do we love her? I think its the fact that she unashamedly points out what other people are thinking in a hilarious way. She is not afraid acting like a bit of a mentalist and definately not afraid to make fun out of herself. She does this along with her two little dogs, Marbles & Kermit - they even have their own fan page. Look how cute they are:

I'm going to Los Angeles on the 24th October and word has it she now lives in Santa Monica. I would LOVE to bump into her - I would totally give her a hug and tell her how fricken awesome she is. I think the videos speak for themselves - she puts out a new video on her Jenna Marbles You Tube Channel'. Now she won't be for everyone - not everyone can take that much swearing and ranting but here are a few of my favourites!

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  1. haha, when I went to follow your blog this was linked in the side and I LOVE JENNA MARBLES TOO. as does my boyfriend, possibly for different reasons, but shes so bloody funny! x