Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mobile Apps: Pink Mothballs

I love my iPhone. I love my friends. I love borrowing clothes from those friends, and what better way to keep track of what I have borrowed and lent out than on a shiny new app called Pink Mothballs?!

The app was created by Amanda Baker, who after the classic cry of 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!' before a birthday party, had a brainwave and started looking at what her friends were wearing in photos on Facebook, found an outfit, called her friend and hey presto! She had a new outfit to wear without hitting the highstreet and saved time and money by borrowing the outfit.

Amanda's philosophy is that you can see your friend's wardrobes as an extension to your own, and of course, vice versa. Pink Mothballs keeps track of who's borrowed what and sends a reminder to get it back. Your friendship circle each has a profile where you can all upload pictures of your outfits to see who's got what, making it easy to browse your friend's wardrobe.

Aside from the quirky name, I love the branding of this app - its cute, girly and pink (in my world everything would be these things!) and looks incredibly easy to use. I frequently borrow my friend's clothes and frequently forget to give them back - this app is perfect for me as it reminds me to do it!

What do you think of this app idea? You can sign up to the Beta version here.

Thanks for reading!
Shelley xo

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