Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Beating heart baby...

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Top - H&M | Skirt - Primark

Can we just assess the fact that I am nearly the same colour of my wall!? I am beige! Waa! Errr... fake tan review coming soon?! I love this skirt - I have had it a while but it didn't fit but now it does I have been wearing it quite a bit. The heart print is really lovely and injects some colour into my very black wardrobe. I just wear with a basic black top and black tights and I think it can work well for nights out, daytime or work. (Not for me though, I work from home so mainly wear my PJ's...)

Thanks for reading! xo


  1. Ah love the post title! That song reminds me of my myspace days! haha.

    Looking skinny miss! :-) xx

    p.s please turn off word verification (its ok guys shes my friend i can tell/order her to do this without feeling bad!)

  2. haha - how can i do that leanne?! i dont have to do word verication when i leave a comment!

    Beating heart baby has been my ringtone for 7 years and I'm not ashamed hahaha!


  3. This skirt is so cute! Pretty :) xxx