Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Everything 5 Pounds

Everything 5 Pounds

1: White lace top/dress
2: Dark grey jeans
3: Sheer white blouse with belt
4: Cream cut out skater dress
All £5 each

Let me just start by saying that if you go onto the Everything5Pounds.com website, you will need 2 things. Time and patience. You have to have a good rummage around the website to find the good stuff, and I mean a GOOD rummage. (Tip: For a laugh, visit the lingerie page...). There is a lot of stuff I wouldn't touch with a barge pole but there are also some absolute bargains to be had!

I have bought several items from this website and I have never been disappointed with what I have got - it's always been great quality, and often looks better than it does in the pictures on the website! Delivery takes 3-4 days and is calculated by weight. You can pay for special delivery if you want something urgently. Above are the items I have bought from the website this week - you wouldn't believe they were only a fiver each right!?

Each day the Everything 5 Pounds Facebook page updates with 'New Arrivals' so its worth keeping an eye on this so you know to buy it the next day as things sell out quickly!

Have you bought anything from Everything 5 Pounds?

Shelley xo


  1. I will be having a little look on this for some payday treats I think! (The first lot of stuff on that lingerie page was dire though!!) What's the quality like though? I assume it isn't superb as it's only £5 but I don't want to be wasting £5 on something that will fall apart after 1 wash....

  2. The quality is really good - I was so surprised! I have washed things again and again and the quality is great! It's like, you know at Outfit and New Look they have those little AX Paris bits - I think the quality is a bit like that - maybe a little poorer on some of the things! x

  3. had a look, some of the clothes i'd never wear either! xo